SAFS Commodities

Leading Merchandiser and Trader of Agricultural Commodities

A Career at SAFS Commodities

SAFS Commodities is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural commodities, including grains, oilseeds, coffee, rice, feed and agricultural by-products. Our worldwide commodities activities are organized into a single structure based in Germany. Established in 1948, the company is an effective and reliable private corporation, with an international network in over 18 countries.

Active in every phase of the commodity supply chain, we rely on global research capabilities and commodity risk management systems to support growing trading, merchant, and industrial asset operation activities. Our business model represents the traditional activity of this international enterprise with offices and an extensive storage and distribution network in key locations.

The trading and delivery of agricultural commodities involves people in such diverse areas as accounting and finance, research analysis and trading, logistics and transportation, information technology and corporate administration.

Teamwork is essential and a flow of information between our global commodity research, trading and merchandising specialists is vital. The ability and willingness to communicate is essential as is the ability to work as a team.

To meet the ever-changing expectations and demands of the 21st century, SAFS Commodities looks for creative individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the international marketplace.

Our international presence, our history of excellence and our enthusiastic support of individual participation in a team effort make SAFS Commodities an exciting company with a great variety of employment opportunities. Our culture is based on seeing a need and responding with an effective and efficient solution.

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